WILMINGTON, MASS. (October 26, 2018) – InterlinkONE is excited to announce the launch of SportCoups, a fundraising app dedicated to helping student- and youth-athletes raise money for their individual sports-related financial needs.

Our Story

A silent investor approached John Foley Jr. with a problem and an idea. After watching his son go through countless seasons of fundraising, he realized the process was a hassle, time- consuming and could be easier. He asked, “What if athletes could fundraise directly from their phones?” And with that, SportCoups was born.

SportCoups was created with the individual athlete in mind. The goal is to make it easier for athletes to raise money for things such as equipment, uniforms, tournaments, camps, travel costs and more! Gone are the days of athletes going door-to-door, standing outside supermarkets or asking family members to purchase coupon books, candy, etc. Instead, athletes can download the app, create a profile and invite their FANS (family, friends, and neighbors) to donate.

Donor Rewards

“The essence of donating is a selfless act, but we wanted to add a feature to the app that thanks the donor for their contribution with a monetary benefit. Donors will have instant access to nearly 100 coupons right from their phones,” explains Co-Founder John Foley Jr.

Nothing like that exists today. Why $20? Most friends and family will not think twice about giving $20 to an athlete when they know the money will be put to good use. This approach is an effective method of fundraising and those donations really add up to make a big difference.

How It Works

Athletes, or parents, can download the app, register, set up the profile and create the fundraiser. Next, they execute their campaigns by sending out invitations to their fans via text, email and social media. They can easily manage their fundraiser and keep track of the amount raised. Donations go directly into their, or their parent’s, linked bank account.

While SportCoups was created with the individual athlete in mind, teams can also use this to fundraise. To do this, each player would link their campaign to the same trusted bank account. This eliminates the problem of athletes having to be responsible for collecting and keeping track of cash.

SportCoups is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Download today!

Contact: Dan Luise
Director of Marketing