WILMINGTON, MASS. (Oct. 27, 2018) – SportCoups LLC, a fundraising app dedicated to helping student and youth athletes raise money for their individual sports-related financial needs, has partnered with SaveAround.

SportCoups Rewards Donors Who Support Student Athletes and Youth Athletes

SportCoups is pleased to announce that individuals (DONORS) who help support student-athletes will now have coupons and discounts on their smartphones. “This is an important component of the app because we wanted to make sure that when relatives, friends, and neighbors donated to their favorite athletes, they would get some type of reward,” states SportCoups Director of Marketing Dan Luise. This partnership with SaveAround will give donors access to numerous coupons from leading merchants, such as Redbox, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Carter’s, Hertz and many more.

“The essence of donating is a selfless act, but we wanted to add a feature to the app that thanks the donor for their contribution and provides a monetary benefit. Working with SaveAround accomplishes this as donors will have instant access to nearly 100 coupons right from their phone. That changes the game,” states SportCoups Co-Founder John Foley, Jr.

“Working with SportCoups allows our merchants even greater reach to their target buyers,” says Luke Stanton President of SaveAround. “Within the SportCoups app discount offers can be viewed and used on donor’s mobile devices, allowing them to save instantaneously nationwide. Working with restaurants, chains, grocery stores, family-fun parks, theaters, and more, our partnership is sure to provide savings for all.”

About SportCoups

SportCoups is a new and easy way for student-athletes and youth athletes to raise money for their own sports-related needs, whether it’s for equipment, gear, user-fees, travel expenses or other needs. People can download the free app and do everything right from their phone. It makes fundraising fun and easy, while also providing benefits and rewards to those who donate. Make sure to download the app today available on the app store and google play!

About SaveAround

SaveAround is a leading coupon book company. Their success is built upon a network of high-quality offers from local, regional and national brands across North America. These offers are assembled using content from SaveAround’s substantial merchant base, comprised of more than 170,000 locations across 170 different markets that are sourced and maintained on an ongoing basis.


Contact: Dan Luise
Director of Marketing
978-694-9992 ex. 202