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How many athletes are on your team or program?

Based on our average of $200 raised per athlete, your team or program could raise:


How it Works

Register and Create (in minutes!)

A coach or team organizer can easily sign up online and create their team fundraisers. Enter your team info and you can be ready to raise money in minutes.

Invite your Team Members

The coach or team organizer can easily invite athletes and/or their parents to join the team roster via email or text. Contacts can be uploaded all at once or added individually.

Team Members Download the App and Join!

Your team members are the athletes and/or parents that will be fundraising. They all download the app, register, enter the team code given in their invite and are set!

Send Invites to Family, Friends, and Fans

Each team member can send out individualized invites to all their family members, friends and fans through the app. Don’t worry, coaches and team organizers can send invites too!

Donors Rewarded with Valuable Coupons!

As soon as a donation is made, all donors get access to valuable coupons right from the app. With these coupons, donors will earn back even more than they’re original donation and have access to them for 6 months.

Direct Connections, No Cash Needed

When the team organizer creates the fundraiser, they connect the bank account for all raised funds to go into. No more cash changing hands or having to track people down. The donations go directly into the account.

Full Transparency and Accountability

Team Organizers can track and manage everything from the dashboard. Easily see who is on your team roster, how much everyone has raised and if you have met your goal yet. Athletes can see exactly who has donated to them as well!

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