Make a donation.
Get Coupons.
Earn back MORE
than your donation.
It’s simple.

Donors have access to nearly 100 coupons from the app immediately after donating. You can easily earn back your donation and more by using these coupons at every-day stores. Values vary anywhere from $5 to $20 and even $50+!

These are just a few of our leading merchants available. Local and National coupons are available based on location services

How do you get your coupons?

Become a registered donor of SportCoups and enjoy exclusive coupons to some of your favorite merchants, while supporting your favorite athlete. How does it work?

    • Get invited to contribute to an athlete’s fundraiser.
    • Register and make a $25 donation.
    • Download the FREE app!
    • Login and get access to nearly 100 coupons immediately.
    • Enjoy your rewards and continue supporting your favorite athletes!


“Such an amazing idea! I used to dread having to sell chocolates and cookies and raffle tickets just to be able to raise a few dollars, but I am so happy to see someone finally take a much-improved approach to youth sports!”


I donated to my son’s fundraiser for his club team. Then I went to Aeropostale and they had no issues with my coupons, it was so easy to use!


Saved 20 bucks on an Uber ride the same day I made a donation, love it


I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods twice in one week and got to use coupons both times!


A simple way to support your student athletes and be rewarded with valuable coupons, highly recommend


Great idea for kids any age… bravo…


This is the easiest way to fundraise. After two days, I raised $100!