Fundraising ideas for school sports

SportCoups. Easy as
1, 2, 3…


1. Download the app. (It’s FREE)

2. Register and create your fundraiser.

3. Invite and share all of your family, friends, and fans to donate.


Step 1...

Make Your SportCoups Fundraiser Page Look Its Best

  • Use a good picture of yourself playing your current sport for which you’re raising funds
  • OR, use a good picture of yourself in your team uniform
  • Add your school or organization logo
  • Write a personal message to your potential donors explaining why their donations are needed and appreciated
  • Include a call to action like “Donate today!”

Step 2 ...

Reach Out to Personal Contacts Directly From Your Smartphone

Each SportCoups participant is given a unique link that is easy to share with others. To start, share the link with at least ten potential donors including friends, family, neighbors and more.  Simply send the link by text, email or however you normally communicate.

Step 3 ...

Share Your Fundraiser On Facebook and Other Social Media

Reach out to a wider pool of potential donors via social media. When posting to social media add a personalized message with your link explaining why your fundraiser is so important to you. Encourage your followers to share your post.

Step 4 ...

Post Frequent Updates About Your Fundraiser

Updates could include:

  • How donations are being used
  • Thank you’s or shout-outs to previous donors
  • How much money have you raised so far? How close are you to your goal?
  • Remember to include the call to action like “Please donate today!”

Frequent updates serve as important reminders and keep connections alive to the people who are most likely going to donate.

Step 5 ...

Show Your Appreciation

Always thank your donors, as soon as you can! Your donors are sharing their hard-earned money to help you accomplish something that is important to you. It only takes a second and will go a long way in getting them to donate for your next fundraiser.