School sports donation and rewards app.

Easily Fundraise for your team or organization!

Are you a coach or team organizer looking to fundraise for your entire team or program? SportCoups makes it easy for athletes to fundraise individually toward a common goal!

Do you have annual fundraising? Trying to fundraise for an upcoming team trip? Need new uniforms and want to fundraise? Whatever your reasoning, make sure to use SportCoups, it’s FREE!

What does SportCoups allow you to do?


  • Login into an easy to use Coach/Team Organizer dashboard
  • See full reporting on individual team members and donations
  • Easily invite team members each season
  • Manage multiple fundraisers at a time
  • Connect the bank account you want the funds to go into – no cash changing hands!
  • All donors rewarded with coupons
  • Athletes can control their own fundraising efforts through the free app
  • Put in a fundraising goal and work together to reach it!
  • And more!


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